Gamer Academy

School Holiday workshop

Parent Information

Does the Gamer Academy sound like something your son or daughter might be interested in?

The Gamer Academy program has been developed to engage teens in something they are passionate about in a safe and fun environment.

Whether your child is interested in gaming as a career option or just as a hobby interest – the Gamer Academy will be filled with information and learning along with fun!

  • Meet Like Minded Teens
  • Explore their passions in an environment that will benefit learning

  • Learn presentation skills

  • Challenge team work skills

  • Find out information on career and further learning options

  • Keep them busy during the school holidays

  • Focus on balanced lifestyle

  • Play in mini competitions

All teens will learn the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. As you know teens spend a lot of time in front of devices and screens, ensuring they understand the importance of keeping active and their wellness in mind is essential for their health now and in the future.
Teens will get to talk with industry experts and people working or studying in this field. While getting a taste of the different areas gaming careers can branch into. The program is build off the back of the AIE who specialise in further education for the gaming industry.
Throughout both days of the Academy program, teens will learn gaming skills that are transferable into all walks of life. It will push them to think creatively in a fun and hands on environment.